At 5 Logistics, we strive to enhance our community by supporting organizations that promote the positive development of our youth.  To do this, we've developed our High 5 Committment.


In addition to volunteering and providing support to our community at periodic events, we provide ongoing support to the following ogranizations that maintain values consistent with our own:








Inspiring youth to make positive decisions for successful lives through outdoor sports and leadership programs.  As a non-profit organization, SOS programs build character and self-esteem in youth through participation in outdoor adventure activities and progressive cirriculm.  SOS serves over 5,000 youth with over 20,000+ program days per year.


We love this organization because we love snowsports and we also love to see kids develop and become leaders.  SOS offers ski and snowboarding instruction to underprivledged and/or at-risk youth.  Given their economic circumstances, typically these youth do not have access to warm jackets, snow pants, gloves and other outdoor gear.  SOS collects donations of these and other items from generous sponsors and outfits each program participant with everything they need to have a warm, dry day on the slopes.  Fantastic!  But enough gear to outfit 5,000+ kids in 10+ different sizes can become exponentially large and overwhelming to a group of people who operate out of a small office building and really want to focus their time on the programs and the kids.


As our primary beneficiary, we developed and implemented an inclusive supply management and fulfillment solution to take care of the clothing and gear required to outfit the youth who participate in SOS programs at 28 resorts around the country.  We recieve gear donations at our warehouse, inventory the items and make them available to program directors via our customer web interface.  After each program day is planned, the directors place online orders for the needed gear and we fulfill and ship these orders directly to the program locations.


We love being able to make an impact on our youth, and love that we have a behind-the-scenes hand in introducting them to snowsports.  Hopefully they grow up to share our passion for the sport!


"Thank you for all that you and your team are making possible across SOS.  We’ve kicked off our largest week of programming in our history with 1,718 participants enrolled across SOS programs.  It’s awesome.  This is our largest week of programming ever.  Thank you for making it possible."

-Seth Ehrlich, Executive Director




In partnership with the Denver Transportation Club, we provide support for the annual Operation Stimulus program. The program provides a weekend of intensive case study competitions for college students and funds scholarship programs for the next generation of Logisticians.