One of our ecommerce fulfillment customers experienced widespread sales success and asked us to fulfill bulk orders to QVC.  They provided us with some single page simplified purchase orders and asked us to take care of the rest.


The orders were for very large quantities and contained mixed skus.  The product was large so it needed to be palletized and shipped via full truckloads.  We started with project planning and breaking the purchase orders down into quantities that could fill a full truck.  Although our customer provided us with palletizing instructions, we established a new way to stack the product on the pallets that increased pallet capacity by 18%, thereby reducing the shipping cost per unit.  We applied unique labels to each and every product carton and applied pallet labels according to routing guidelines.  We submitted ASN documents to QVC, scheduled delivery appointments and brokered truckload freight. 


The process was seamless for our customer, and the professional, accurate and on-time deliveries resulted in recurring orders from QVC.